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Founded in 1995 as the American Tire Corporation, Amerityre focuses on the research and development of solid, closed-cell polyurethane foam tires with their proprietary formulation technology. This formulation offers the closest replication of the feel of a normal pneumatic tire in the solid tire market.

The closed-cell aspect of Amerityre's Flatfree technology prevents their high-load-bearing solid tires from soaking up liquids or breaking down from UV radiation. Amerityre's have also been found to reduce rolling resistance and last twice as long as a normal tire because of their high abrasion resistance. These features ensure a higher-quality solid tire than any other tire company can offer.

Amerityre makes environmentally responsible solid tiresAmerityre's Tires are Eco-Friendly

Amerityre's solid tires have been well received by value-conscious customers who won't yield on performance for applications such as lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, golf carts, and commercial dollies. In any case where a flat tire can create a serious loss of productivity, you will benefit by switching to Amerityre.

Following their name change to Amerityre Corporation in 1999 and becoming a publicly traded company (OTC:AMTY), the company began developing their new Elastothane™ technology, which has created a comprehensive line of tires using polyurethane as a base instead of rubber. This technology eliminates the use of oil or plasticizer, creating an environmentally-friendly solid tire that can be recycled or reused in road base or playground material. Amerityre's solid tires are devoid of carcinogens—they're made from the same material as baby pacifiers.

Amerityre's flat-free solid tires are made in the USA in their factory in Boulder City, Nevada. We're proud to be one of the largest retailers of Amerityre's solid tires, and stand by their promise that “a better material always makes a better product.” If you choose to replace the tires for your golf cart, wheelbarrow, wheelchair, lawnmower, or other specialty equipment with solid tires by Amerityre, we're confident it will be the last time you ever change a tire.