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Why not just slap any old tire on your lawn and garden equipment?

Why not just slap any old tire that fits on your lawn and garden equipment? For those of you who are very familiar with these types of tires….maybe you can go get a cup of coffee and kick back. But it won’t hurt to review this later. You might learn something new. For those of you who are like Sargent Shultz from the 60’s TV show, Hogan’ Heroes who answered, “I know NOTH-ING” this is for you. SQUARE SHOULDERED tires are used in a commercial application. They are on units that are used every day, such as by a landscape crew. These tires are used where there is little or no concern whether marks are left on the grass. They come in a number of treads. The more aggressive the tread the less concerned you are about marks. ROUND SHOULDERED tires leave the least amount of marks on grass, so this tire would be used on putting greens and other sensitive areas that need to look perfect with no marks on the grass. These tires also are better where there is a lot of turning. They last a shorter time than the square shouldered tires. SMOOTH tires are used when absolutely no marks can be left on the grass, like on a putting green. The disadvantage of these tires is that they provide very little traction. RIB tread tires are mostly used on the front of the mower. They give smooth operation on any surface.Read More

What’s up with the prices of lawn and garden tires?

Most of the truck and car tire manufacturers have raised prices beginning in January this year with more companies following suit through June. That might make one think that costs of lawn and garden tires would do the same thing, but “surprise!, surprise!, surprise!” as Gomer used to say…as of September 2017 there have been no announcements of lawn and garden tire price increases. The same goes for tariffs on lawn and garden tires. There is one concern though. With President Trump bantering back and forth with North Korea a tariff on tires produced in China could become a reality. Perhaps you might want to look into replacing those nearly worn out lawn and garden tires to buy with the prices where they are now.

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The Best Golf Cart Tire For Your Golf Car: Carlisle Link Sport

S & S Tire Co. just purchased more than 15,000 Carlisle Link Sport golf cart tires, and have slashed prices to pass savings on to their customers. The Links Sport tire has the lowest rolling resistance of all golf car tires, and is the most environmentally friendly and the longest wearing golf cart tire Carlisle has ever produced. Carlisle builds this tread pattern in the 18x8.50-8 size, the most popular size used on golf carts.Read More

Why Solid Tires are Better

Imagine it’s late Friday afternoon and you're trying to finish up a job so you can get paid and go to the lake. You're almost done... and your wheelbarrow tire pops. The tire store doesn't open until the next day. What do you do? Go to the lake, of course! But after that, get a solid wheelbarrow tire, and never have this problem again.Read More

How to Mount an Amerityre Solid Tire

Are you thinking about buying an Amerityre Solid Tire and mounting it yourself? Watch this video to learn what equipment is necessary and how solid tire mounting is done!

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How to Choose the Right Solid Bike Tire Size and Mount It

Are you ready to go flat-free with a solid Amerityre bike tire, but aren't sure what size to get?

How to Measure Solid Bike Tires

The Amerityre Man walks you through the easy steps you need to know:


If you want to learn more about solid bike tires read this article about their great benefits.

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Carlisle LinkSport: The New Best Golf Cart Tire

Carlisle's new LinkSport 18x8.50-8 Golf Cart Tire has pushed the edge of the golf cart tire industry again, leading the way with an advanced new design. If you're looking for the best golf cart tire, it's impossible to go wrong with a LinkSport!

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How to Choose the Right Size of Amerityre Solid Tire & Wheel Assembly

Are you ordering a solid Amerityre flat-free tire and wheel assembly, but aren't sure what size is right for your specialty vehicle? Jo Dee walks you through the 3 easy things you need to measure to know what size you need in this YouTube video.


Once you know what size of Amerityre solid tire assembly you need...

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TiresUSA.com finalist for Better Business Bureau’s Best Ethics Award

Our parent company was recently honored to be chosen as one of three finalists for the 2012 “Best Ethics” Award. The competition was stiff, with over 300 companies in the running and only 15 making the finals with us.

The winners were announced at the Arizona Biltmore, and our congratulations go to...

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Customize Your Golf Cart: Start with Tires and Wheels

Are you ready to customize your golf cart? Learn about the coolest things you can do, from lift kits to low-profile tires.Read More

Choose the Right Golf Cart Tire Tread

Find out everything you need to know about choosing the right tread for your golf cart tire, whether you're driving it around the course or customizing it to cruise your neighborhood.

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TiresUSA.com Celebrates its Grand Opening

We're thrilled to announce our grand opening today! Our new cutting-edge website offers specialty tires and wheels for all types of off-road, recreational, turf, and utility vehicles—at affordable prices.

As the premier online dealer of Amerityre Solid Tires, Carlisle Tires, Greenball GBC Tires, ITP Tires and Wheels, and Wheelmate Golf Cart Wheel products, we strive to help our customers easily find the best specialty tires for their needs with our helpful articles that answer common questions and toll-free customer service.

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Leaving No Trace: Non-Marking Golf Cart Tires

Non-marking tires can be hugely beneficial for indoor applications where leaving black scuffs on the floor would be unsightly.Read More

The Best Way to Wash Tires

Are you washing your tires the right way? If you're not careful, you might be damaging the only thing between you and the road!Read More

Different Brands, Same Size... Or Is It?

Are different brands of tires the exact same size? Unfortunately, the answer isn't as easy as it should be; read why.Read More

Why Switch From Original Tires?

Are you wondering whether you should switch your vehicle or equipment's original tires for another brand? Read this article first.Read More

PSI: Make Sure Your Tires Are Perfectly Inflated

Learn how to avoid dangerous tire blowouts by ensuring the proper inflation of your specialty tires.Read More

When Should You Replace Your Tires?

It's obvious you should replace your tire when it no longer holds air, but what else are warning signs that your tire might be about to blow?Read More

Tread Depths: Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

Learn why tread depth is an important consideration for specialty tires for ATVs, golf carts and lawn mowers.Read More

Plies and Ply Ratings: Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Learn what Ply Ratings are and how they determine how strong your tires are.Read More

How to Replace a Wheelbarrow Tire

Learn the proper way to replace a wheelbarrow tire. Includes step-by-step instructions and lists all the tools you'll need to complete the replacement.Read More

Tips for Buying the Best Wheelbarrow Tire

The tips you need to buy the best wheelbarrow tire. Provides information to make the right choice when it comes to wheelbarrow tire sizes and tread.Read More

Wheelchairs Can't Afford Flat Tires

Anyone who has ever spent any time in a wheelchair will tell you the last thing they want to deal with is a flat tire. Amerityre Solid Wheelchair Tires solve that problem once and for all.Read More

What You Need To Know About Mounting Solid Tires

Everything you need to know about mounting Amerityre solid tires on a wheelbarrow.Read More

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Solid Wheelbarrow Tire

Learn about the many benefits of Amerityre solid wheelbarrow tires tires; stay flat-free and on-the-job.Read More

Choose Solid Tires and You'll Never Have to Choose Again

Learn about the AmeriTyre solid flat free tire and the technology that makes this break-through tire possible.Read More

Keep Your Lawnmower Rolling with Solid Lawn Mower Tires

Amerityre solid flat-free tires are an excellent choice for lawn mowers; read this to learn about their benefits and decide whether they're right for your lawn mowing needs.Read More

Flat Hand Truck Tires Equal Broken Goods

Provides information about the AmeriTyre flat-free solid tires for a hand truck. Includes a description of the benefits of using AmeriTyre flat-free solid tires for a hand truck.Read More

Going Green with Recyclable Amerityre Solid Tires

Find out why AmeriTyre solid flat free tires are green, recyclable, and some of the most dependable tires on earth.Read More

A Flat On Your Golf Cart Won't Raise Your Score, But It Will Raise Your Blood Pressure

Amerityre solid flat-free golf cart tires will keep you and your golf cart in the game. Read about the benefits of Amerityre solid tires for golf carts.Read More

Over The Hills and Through The Woods and BLAM! Your Bike Tire Blows—Get a Solid Bike Tire!

The article provides information on Amerityre solid flat free tires—get a nice, detailed description on the products, features, and uses.Read More

Fixing Flat Wheelbarrow Tires for Good

Amerityre solid wheelbarrow tires innovative flatfree technology will "fix" your flat tire for good—learn how.Read More

How to Change a Riding Mower Tire

Learn the proper way to change the pneumatic tire on your riding lawn mower. Includes detailed, step-by-step instructions and a list of the tools you will need to complete the job.Read More

How to Change a Golf Cart Tire

Learn the proper way to change your golf cart tire. Includes the list of necessary tools and step by step instructions to get the job done.Read More

Choosing the Right Lawn Mower Tire

All the information you need to make the right choice when it comes to lawn mower tires. Find out how to choose the right tire size, tread, and ply rating right for your riding lawn mower.Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Trailer Tires

Do you know the differences between bias ply trailer tires and radial play trailer tires? Learn all you need to know, plus the essential checklist you need to complete before attaching your trailer.Read More

How to Patch a Golf Cart Tire

Do not attempt to patch your golf cart tire at home! Instead, remove your golf cart tire and take it to a tire store to have patched or replaced.Read More

Understanding Lawn Mower Tires: From Shoulders to Treads

Everything you need to know about lawn mower tires. Compare square shouldered to round shouldered tires and determine the right size for your mower.Read More

Size Does Matter: A Short Explanation of Tire Sizes

There's so many different sizes of tires, it can be a little overwhelming at first. Learn how tires are sized and what the numbers mean with our quick and easy guide.Read More

Tire Prices Keep Rising

We take a look at why the cost of tires is rising. From material costs to the price of oil, the tire industry is finding it hard to keep prices low.Read More

Proper Tread Selection for Riding Mowers

Choose the best tread for your riding lawn mower Choose the right mower tire tread
Find out the difference between traction tread and rib tread! Which is best for steering tires and which helps minimize the footprint left behind?Read More