The Best Golf Cart Tire For Your Golf Car: Carlisle Link Sport

S & S Tire Co. just purchased more than 15,000 Carlisle Link Sport golf cart tires, and have slashed prices to pass savings on to their customers.

The Links Sport tire has the lowest rolling resistance of all golf car tires, and is the most environmentally friendly and the longest wearing golf cart tire Carlisle has ever produced. Carlisle builds this tread pattern in the 18x8.50-8 size, the most popular size used on golf carts.

S & S Tire Co. markets this and other tires for golf courses and golf carts through their ecommerce website,, and offers two versions: the unmounted 18x8.50-8 Links Sport Tire-Only, and the Links Sport 18x8.50-8 Tire & Wheel Assembly.

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