Deestone Tires

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Established in Thailand in 1977, Deestone Limited produces automotive and specialty tires that obtain international standards of quality at more reasonable prices.

Deestone grew through the 1980s by extending their product line into motorcycle and small industrial tires, and further expanded in the 90s through bias tires, bicycle inner tubes, and other industrial tires.

In 1995, Deestone attained certification from the Department of Transportation in the USA, which allowed them to bring their low-cost model into highway-approved tires.

In the last ten years, Deestone Tires have expanded into Europe and Asia, all while supporting their local economy by employing people in their community and sourcing materials from their country. Deestone also reduces its impact on the environment by utilizing scrap material from the production of their tires for other products.

Deestone Tires offer some of the most affordable specialty tires on the market, all with a standard of quality that is comparable to many more-costly brands. If you’re looking for a replacement tire for your golf cart or lawnmower that won’t break the bank, Deestone is right for you.