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Founded in 1905 in Trelleborg, Sweden by Henry Dunker and Johan Kock to produce bicycle tires, Trelleborg AB has grown to be a global company focused on polymer technology in many sectors, from aerospace to oil and gas and transportation. Trelleborg’s Tire and Wheel Systems division is a leading global supplier of tires and wheel assemblies for specialty applications such as agricultural, industrial, and utility vehicles.

Trelleborg’s initial tire business was substantially grown during World War I, when the Swedish Armed Forces was their largest customer. By the end of the conflict, Trelleborg had grown from 150 employees to over 1,000 and the company began to expand internationally. Global sales grew from 4% in 1950 to 40% in 1970, and Trelleborg was brought public on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (STO:TREL B).

While the company diverged from rubber products in the 1980s, they returned their focus and narrowed it by specializing in industrial applications at the turn of the century. Trelleborg has grown substantially to now employ over 21,000 people in multiple business areas in more than 40 countries.

Trelleborg Tires are driven by their parent company’s focus on customer demands and innovative technology, which has led them to concentrate on producing agricultural and forestry tires, as well as specialty industrial tires for utility and transportation use. Trelleborg also produces rims for these segments.

Acclaimed for their high durability and extra heavy-duty commercial-scale strength, Trelleborg Tires are renowned for their long life and ability to withstand heavy loads. If you’re looking to replace a utility cart tire, or a tire for other material-handling equipment, Trelleborg is a reliable and high-quality Swedish tire brand.