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October 17, 2017 Posted in lawn and garden

Why not just slap any old tire on your lawn and garden equipment?

Why not just slap any old tire that fits on your lawn and garden equipment? For those of you who are very familiar with these types of tires….maybe you can go get a cup of coffee and kick back. But it won’t hurt to review this later. You might learn something new. For those of you who are like Sargent Shultz from the 60’s TV show, Hogan’ Heroes who answered, “I know NOTH-ING” this is for you. SQUARE SHOULDERED tires are used in a commercial application. They are on units that are used every day, such as by a landscape crew. These tires are used where there is little or no concern whether marks are left on the grass. They come in a number of treads. The more aggressive the tread the less concerned you are about marks. ROUND SHOULDERED tires leave the least amount of marks on grass, so this tire would be used on putting greens and other sensitive areas that need to look perfect with no marks on the grass. These tires also are better where there is a lot of turning. They last a shorter time than the square shouldered tires. SMOOTH tires are used when absolutely no marks can be left on the grass, like on a putting green. The disadvantage of these tires is that they provide very little traction. RIB tread tires are mostly used on the front of the mower. They give smooth operation on any surface.

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