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October 23, 2014 Posted in solid tires

Why Solid Tires are Better

It’s late Friday afternoon and you are a cement contractor trying to finish up a medium size job so you can get paid and go to the lake. The last part of the job is in the back yard and you need to wheelbarrow the cement back (you honeydoers scroll down) to do the last bit. Then, the tire on the wheelbarrow fails and it’s too late to get it repaired. The tire store doesn’t open until the next day.

You’ve got a big list of honey-do projects for your Saturday. When you go to the garage to get the wheelbarrow, the tire is flat or very low. 

Either a repair or a new tire is your solution to both of these problems. But what kind of tire do you use to replace the air-filled tire? AmeriTyre builds a solid tire for wheelbarrows and other applications that is almost indestructible. It also has some features that other solid just don’t have. The Amerityre wheelbarrow tire won’t mark any substance or absorb any kind of liquid. This means your customer or your wife won’t be mad because you left black marks all over the place and you won’t be trying to push a tire that has grown to double or triple the weight because it has absorbed water, or oil or any other liquid.

You have seen other solid tires at the big box stores and they are much cheaper, but just think, the Amerityre wheelbarrow tire may just be the last tire you may have to purchase for your wheelbarrow. They are not guaranteed for life, but they last almost that long. 

Once you invest in a quality long-lasting Amerityre wheelbarrow tire troubles like those described above are gone forever!  

By the way, all Amerityre's are made in the USA.

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