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January 28, 2013 Posted in lawn and garden

Choose the Right Golf Cart Tire Tread

Optimizing your golf cart can be a bit tricky, especially when you consider that golf cart tires come in several different treads. They range from straight ribbed tire tread patterns to treads that are way more aggressive. But remember—the golf pro at your course is not going to be happy if you tear up the fairways with a really aggressive tread! Although golf carts are a great vehicle for running around the neighborhood, in some states you will see golf carts on the golf course and nowhere else.

Four Golf Cart Tires in the grassThe right golf cart tire tread makes all the difference!

On the other hand, in Sun City, Arizona and other retirement communities around the country, golf carts are allowed on the residential streets. Most often, though, if you want to ride off the course, the local homeowners association must approve the tires you use. Check to see what the rules are where you live before purchasing tires for your cart. The top end on these machines is only 25 mph in most cases, so serious speed is not an issue. That’s not to say you can’t go all out though—there are some souped up machines that have been customized with a bigger engine and huge wheels and tires for use in sand. See the customizing your golf cart area for more.

Here are the different tire tread patterns available for golf carts and their intended use.

  1. Saw-tooth – the most common tread, for traction, lasts longer and does not harm grass
  2. Ribbed – for use near greens, easy rolling, not much traction, does not harm grass
  3. Turf – a low-impact tread pattern for golf carts used on golf courses
  4. Knobby tread – for use on a customized cart in mud and other off-road applications
  5. Sand tread – another tread for use on customized carts in the sand (and we don’t mean sand traps at the course!)

When it comes to choosing your tread type, keep the terrain you’ll be facing in mind. Will you cart just be on the course or are you planning to visit Sun City, Arizona? Perhaps you’ll be taking it to the dunes this weekend? For any low-impact application, such as traditional golfing, consider getting the saw-tooth or ribbed design. For more extreme applications, go with the knobby tread or sand tread!

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