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August 07, 2013 Posted in lawn and garden

Going Green with Recyclable Amerityre Solid Tires

Tires aren’t usually seen as the most eco-friendly invention in the world. Take, for instance, the very commonly shown symbol of a tire fire with massive plumes of thick black smoke billowing into the atmosphere. Once a tire graveyard catches fire, it is virtually impossible to put out. For some reason, the tires burn….and burn…and burn….for days, sometimes weeks or months.

The question is, “Are tires destined to be symbols of waste, pollution, and environmental catastrophe?” Well, hopefully not, and Amerityre is doing what they can to reduce your use.

Amerityre solid flat free tires, in addition to being durable (they last twice as long as rubber tires), are recyclable. This may be the only tire made that has recycling in mind during production. Clearly, this is a much better end to a tire than the tire graveyard and seemingly never-ending fire. After an Amerityre product has lived it’s life, it can be shipped back to Amerityre for recycling. The urethane material used in the manufacturing of Amerityres is same as is used for pacifiers for children.

Once the used tires are returned to Amerityre they are ground up and can be used for a number things including, shingles, playground, and rubber now used under artificial turf.

Then again, you don’t have to be environmentally responsible to use Amerityre solid flat free tires. There are a number of other practical reasons.Click here for reasons to purchase solid flat free tires

As you go through the article above it is abundantly evident that solid flat free tires are for you. They are available for a number of applications, including agricultural work, bicycling, construction work, and much, much more. Soon, it may even be applicable for you vehicle! Amerityre is working on new uses for the solid flat free Amerityre including cars and trucks.

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