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August 09, 2013 Posted in specialty tire

Why Switch From Original Tires?

The tires that come on a particular piece of equipment are what the manufacturer intended. In the old days, people would purchase new tires as soon as they bought a new car or truck, because the OE (original equipment) tires were of lower quality. Today, that is not true. Most OE tires are of high quality and do not need to be replaced immediately.

There are several reasons to replace stock tires:

  • Change to solid tires
  • Change size to increase height
  • Changes size to customize a golf cart

Solid tires offer a number of benefits for golf carts and mowers. They will never go flat, do not mark floors, do not absorb chemicals or petroleum products, and can be recycled. Click here to read more about AmeriTyre solid tires.

For one reason or another, you may want to increase the size of the wheel and tire to lift the equipment higher. There are a number of products available to accomplish this.

Some people want to really customize golf carts. The possibilities are broad. Whether the golf cart is used on the road or in the sand, there is a tire and wheel to accomplish your particular desire. We carry a complete line of tires and wheels to customize your golf cart whatever way you wish.

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