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August 09, 2013 Posted in specialty tire

PSI: Make Sure Your Tires Are Perfectly Inflated

Getting knocked on your butt by an exploding tire is no fun, not to mentioned extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. Make sure you do not exceed the maximum PSI recommended for each tire. Also, make sure that when inflating, you use the maximum PSI your equipment manufacturer recommends as your guide. Underinflated tires will not wear properly and you will not get your money’s worth if they don’t have enough air in them.

Every tire will have a maximum tire pressure on the sidewall of the tire. DO NOT EXCEED THE MAXIMUM PSI FOR ANY TIRE. Some equipment may have recommended PSI for that unit listed somewhere on the mower or golf cart or in the literature provided when the equipment is purchased.

If you are wondering if you have an improper amount of air in the tire, here is a simple test.

  • Drive through a puddle or wet the tire thoroughly
  • Drive the equipment through some dirt
  • Look at the place on the tread where the dirt is sticking
  • If it is in the center the tire is over inflated
  • If it is on the outer edges of the tire and none is in the middle, the tire is under inflated
  • If the tire is properly inflated, the dirt should cover the entire surface of the tread

Bottom line, it is best to comply with the suggested PSI listed on the tire or with the printed materials provided with the equipment.

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