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August 07, 2013 Posted in lawn and garden tire

Keep Your Lawnmower Rolling with Solid Lawn Mower Tires

Every Thursday, at about seven in the morning, you might hear them out there. No, it’s not the CIA in their black helicopters; it’s the lawn crew mowing my lawn. We don’t really pay attention to the machines that keep our yards looking great, but the lawn mowers are very important. When one of these machines has a flat, it stops the whole process and the guy driving the lawn mower will be sitting around until the tire is repaired. One person estimated a flat on a commercial lawn mower would cost at least $100 in down time—talk about waste!

Not to fear, though: there is a way to never have another flat tire on your riding lawn mower… ever. Amerityre makes a solid flat free tire that will never experience a puncture. If your business is lawn care, there is no reason not to convert from air-filled to solid flat free tires as soon as you buy the mower. No more flats is a good enough reason to convert to solid tires, but there are more:

  • A low rolling resistance will help save on fuel costs
  • Amerityres wear out half as fast as air filled tires, saving money on repairs and lost time
  • These tires are non-marking, so they won’t leave black marks wherever you operate your mower
  • The closed-cell technology polyurethane construction won’t absorb water or oil and other chemicals when operating the mower in wet conditions
  • These tires won’t ever dry out and crack or dry rot, which is very important in the Southwest desert
  • Amerityres are 100% recyclable
  • All Amerityres are made in the USA

There are a number of companies making solid flat free tires for lawn mowers, but none of those companies have the unique closed-cell polyurethane and non-marking construction. The Amerityre solid flat free tire is so far superior to the air-filled counterpart that it's a no-brainer when making the decision to convert to solid tires.

Click here for more information about the dynamic uses behind these great tires. If an Amerityre solid flat free tire looks like it would be good for your situation, don’t hesitate!

Amerityre sold flat free lawn mower tires come in 4, 5, 6 and 8 inch wheel diameters and in smooth, turf and ribbed treads. There are two ways to buy these replacement tires:

  • Loose tires
  • Tire/wheel assembly combinations

We suggest that, unless you have the proper equipment (a ten-ton press and mounting cones), you purchase the tire/wheel combination. That way you avoid the hassle of messing around mounting the tires and the cost of the cones.

If you are purchasing the tire/wheel combination there are several measurements required for proper fit:

  • Wheel size
  • Hub length
  • Hub type ( off-set or centered)
  • Bearing size

For detailed instructions on measuring and mounting solid Amerityre tires click here.

Having correct measurements is crucial to being able to install your new tires on your mowers. For those of you with a shop and ten ton press on hand, buying loose tires may be perfect for you! Either way, prepare to add a bit more savings, reliability, and ease into your life with Amerityre solid tires.

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