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August 07, 2013 Posted in amerityre solid tire

Wheelchairs Can't Afford Flat Tires

Anyone who has ever spent any time in a wheelchair will tell you the last thing they want to deal with is a flat tire. Imagine Aunt Mary or Uncle Fred tooling down the sidewalk on their electric wheelchair and all of a sudden they have a blowout. Now, most wheelchairs don’t do over about a couple of miles per hour so the damage won’t be serious, but the inconvenience is a serious disruption in their lives. No matter what put you or your loved one in a wheelchair, there should never be a need to worry about flats.

With both a traditional, hand-powered model or one of the fancy ones like they advertise in TV, the solid flat free AmeriTyre wheelchair is for you. Flat free is one reason to go with solid AmeriTyre tires for your wheelchair, but there are more benefits to consider:

  1. A low rolling resistance makes it easier to push and may contribute to better use of battery life
  2. These tires last twice as long as air-filled tires
  3. They are also non-marking, so they won’t leave black marks on your floors
  4. The closed-cell technology won’t absorb water or oil and other chemicals when you are out of the house
  5. Won’t dry out and crack, which is very important in dry climates like the southwest
  6. 100% recyclable
  7. All Amerityres are made in the USA

These Amerityre solid flat free tires are available in a number of tread designs, including bell, ribbed, lug, smooth, zipper, button, knobby, and diamond shapes. There are also many different sizes for wheelchair tires, so be sure to find out what is perfect for you and your chair.

These solid flat free tires are available in loose form because each individual wheelchair has a wheel size particular to that brand or type. This means you will have to install the tire yourself or have it installed by your local tire store. If you choose to install them yourself you will need to purchase a special cone have access to a ten-ton press to accomplish the smaller tires. The larger tires, such as the 22 inch, are installed like a bicycle tire without need for special equipment or much expertise.

Get back to moving sooner with these great tires and avoid flats in the future!

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