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August 07, 2013 Posted in amerityre solid tire

Choose Solid Tires and You'll Never Have to Choose Again

If you are reading this, you have at least some interest in solid tires. Let’s take a look at solid flat free tires as if none of you know anything about them. The solid flat free tire we are going to look at is made by a company in Boulder City, Nevada called Amerityre. The reason we are talking about Amerityres and not some other brand is because they use closed cell polyurethane construction, which is unique to any solid tire construction.

Solid flat free Amerityres have a number of attributes, which make them a tire you may want to consider.

  • A low rolling resistance
  • Last twice as long as other tires
  • The tires are non-marking, so they won’t leave black marks on your floor or driveway
  • The closed-cell technology won’t absorb water or oil and other chemicals.
  • The tires won’t dry out and crack, which very important in the Southwest desert
  • 100% recyclable
  • All Amerityres are made in the USA

Let’s look at each of these attributes individually.

LOW ROLLING RESISTANCE: Amerityre has done extensive testing on their wheelbarrow tires and have found that in every case the amount of force needed to start and maintain the forward movement of a wheelbarrow was less than indicated by other tires. The tests were done with different brands at weights ranging from 100 to 800 pounds. In every test, Amerityres took less energy to move, in some cases by half, but in every case less.

LAST TWICE AS LONG AS OTHER TIRES: This is a very simple one to explain. If you get twice the use, you get twice the value! Save money, and be happy while you do it!

NON-MARKING TIRES: You may remember as a kid wanting to “lay rubber” when you first started driving. Too bad with Amerityres. They will never leave black marks on any surface for any reason.

CLOSED-CELL TECHNOLOGY: This is a unique construction that does several things. First, it does not allow any liquids of any kind to be absorbed by the tire. In the case of wheelbarrow tires, non closed-cell construction would allow water to be absorbed by the tire, thus making it heavier and causing you to work harder to move the wheelbarrow. Second, the closed-cell technology acts as a shock absorber. That means you’ll notice a smoother ride with less risk of injury to yourself or others.

WON’T DRY OUT OR CRACK: One of the ways that tires wear out is dry rot or cracking. This occurs over time and in the case of dry, hot climates. Amerityres will not dry out or crack…ever.

100% RECYCLABLE: Again, this is self explanatory. In the day of going green, recycling everything would be optimal. Amerityre makes doing so quick, easy, and rewarding.

MADE IN THE USA: Amerityre is an American company. When you purchase Amerityres, you support American workers and the American economy.

Amerityres are available for a wide range of applications, some of which include uses with:

  1. Agriculture Solid Tires
  2. Bicycle Solid Tires
  3. Golf Cart Solid Tires
  4. Hand Truck Solid Tires
  5. Lawn Mower Solid Tires
  6. Utility vehicle Solid Tires
  7. Wheelbarrow Solid Tires
  8. Wheelchair Solid Tires

If you have an application not on the list above, Amerityre can build a tire for you. They are currently testing solid closed-cell tires for cars and trucks. Solid flat free tires are something that is in the future, but perhaps before you know it, air-filled tires may be a thing of the past, just like the buggy whip.

We hope this gave you a bit of an introduction to solid flat free tires!

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