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August 07, 2013 Posted in amerityre solid tire

Flat Hand Truck Tires Equal Broken Goods

Just imagine: you’re on the stairs, hauling up your new refrigerator. It’s carefully loaded onto your hand truck, and another guy is below helping to guide this monstrosity. What happens next is unsettling to say the least. The tire goes kablam! and the fridge slides down the stairs, and your friend is merely a grease spot on the staircase. We exaggerate a bit, but this could happen! Safety is a serious issue when it comes to moving heavy weight.

The way to avoid such a catastrophe is with a set of Amerityre flat-free, solid tires for your hand truck. These tires will never ever go flat! They can take a lot of abuse, as any hand truck would receive. In addition to being flat free, Amerityres have other great attributes:

  • A low rolling resistance makes them easier to push.
  • These tires are non-marking, so they won’t leave black marks where you’re pushing your fridge
  • The closed-cell technology won’t absorb water or oil and other chemicals while you’re pushing it to the truck
  • These tires won’t dry out and crack or dry rot, which is very important in the Southwest desert
  • Amerityres are 100% recyclable
  • All Amerityres are made in the USA

To avoid work stoppages and possible injury to workers, we suggest replacing air-filled tires with Amerityre solid flat-free tires when you purchase a new hand truck.

Click here if you want to know how to switch your hand truck tires to solid flat free Amerityres

The best way to make the changeover is to purchase the tire/wheel combination. The increased cost of the combination far outweighs the extra equipment and time needed to mount Amerityres on your existing wheels. If you choose to mount the tires yourself you will need access to a ten-ton press and will need to purchase the “cones” which are necessary to install the tires on your steel wheels. The cones are about $20 each.

WARNING: We do not suggest mounting the tires yourself! This is a dangerous process and one that can be avoided by a simple trip to your local specialty store!

When getting ready to purchase your new Amerityre flat free tires it is very important to make sure you correctly measure the size of the tire, the hub length and type and the bearing size.

They come in a number of tread designs including, zig-zag, diamond, ribbed, smooth, and bell shaped. Determine which is the best choice for you, depending on the application. When you have all of this information, it is time to order your new Amerityre hand truck tires!

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