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August 07, 2013 Posted in golf cart tire

A Flat On Your Golf Cart Won't Raise Your Score, But It Will Raise Your Blood Pressure

You're in the middle of the once in lifetime golf round. You’ve got a hole in one and your score is heading for an all-time low. Then, be it karma or sheer bad luck, one of the tires on your golf cart goes flat. You bend a few clubs around the nearest tree and scare the devil out of the rest of your foursome. In another scenario, one of your customers at your golf course may even go ballistic when his golf cart has a flat.

Even when you’re off the course, (maybe some of you may live where it is legal to drive your golf cart on the street) imagine having a flat while you are driving down a busy street and have no jack, no spare, and no way to change the tire. We don’t think AAA goes on golf cart calls.

Don’t want any of these things to happen? Solid flat free golf cart tires will act as insurance when you finally are in the process of shooting the perfect game or driving to the club you won’t be interrupted by a flat.

Amerityre makes a solid flat free tire that will eliminate flats from your golf cart forever. Amerityre solid flat free golf cart tires have additional benefits.

  • A low rolling resistance makes your cart more efficient
  • The tires are non-marking, so they won’t leave black marks on your carport or garage floor
  • The closed-cell technology won’t absorb water or oil and other chemicals.
  • Amerityres won’t dry out and crack. (very important in the retirement communities in the Southwest desert)
  • 100% recyclable.
  • All Amerityres are made in the USA

Amerityre solid flat free tires are made in only one size, 18x8.50-12 at this time. The tire comes in a ribbed or turf tread. This tire is available by itself or in a tire/wheel combination. The cost for the tire/wheel combination is of course slightly higher, but there are some real advantages to buying them that way.

If you buy the loose tire, you will need at least a ten-ton press and a special cone to mount the tire. The cone costs about $20 and can be used multiple times. If you purchase the tire and have a tire store install it, installation of each tire is about $15.

A golf course, for example, would benefit by purchasing the tires without wheels and the installation cone. They would probably have a full-time mechanic working on their golf carts.

Click here for detailed solid tire mounting instructions.

When you purchase the tire/wheel combination all that is needed is to take the old wheels off and replace them with the tire/wheel combination. Whichever way you go, Amerityre solid flat free golf cart tires will insure you will never have a flat again.

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