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Product Description

Stay Solid with the Amerityre Turf Solid Golf Cart Tire & Wheel Assembly

Making that early tee-time can mean the world when you only have one day out of the week to golf. But what if you've got a flat (or worse—a bent wheel!). The quickest way to fix this problem is to pick up an Amerityre Tire and Wheel assembly. Easy and quick to install, Amerityre helps make sure you cart remains solid and ready to hit the greens whenever you are.

With the ribbed design, your cart will run smoothly, quietly, and with little wear and tear on the turf. This makes for the perfect choice for the varied terrain you'll face when driving your cart, handling both demanding hills and low cut greens.

The Quick, Simple, and Ideal Choice with Amerityre 18x8.50-12 Tire

It's easy: the quickest, safest way to replace your golf cart tire is with an Amerityre is with the tire/wheel assembly. You won't have to get the tire mounted on the existing wheel, nor will you have to deal with a special cone and a heavy duty press. This is extremely useful when considering the time it takes to get this job done (if you want to practice the latest cuss words you have learned, try to mount the tire your self).

The tire/wheel assembly is a matter of changing the tire and wheel just as if you had a flat on your car. Isn't that better?

How to Know What Size Amerityre Solid Tire You Need

If you're unsure what size of solid Amerityre flat-free tire & assembly you need, click here to watch a video explaining how to measure your solid tire.

Sizes available: Golf Cart Tire/Wheel Assemblies Golf Cart Tire/Wheel Assemblie Solid Golf Cart Tires Solid Golf Cart Tire Utility Cart Tires Utility Cart Tire Amerityre 18x8.50-12 1885012 188.5012 18x850-12 18x8.50-12 1885012 188.5012 18x850-12