LG 408

Wheel not included

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Product Description

BKT Tire's Ultra Track Turf Tire is the Perfect Rear Mower Wheel

The BKT LG 408 Ultra Track provides excellent traction with minimal damage in turf applications, making it a great solution for the rear drive wheels of riding mowers.

With strong wear resistance the BKT Ultra Track Mower Tire offers a long-lasting solution to grass cutting applications such as golf courses, sports fields, recreational parks, and cemeteries.

Affordability that comes with Quality with BKT Ultra Track Tires

BKT's Ultra Track Riding Mower Turf Tire is designed to offer the same characteristics as the leading manufacturers of lawn and garden tires and a fraction of the price. Don't sacrifice quality—just save money.

Wheel not included

Sizes available: Riding Lawn Mower Tires Riding Lawn Mower Tire BKT 24x13.00-12 24130012 2413.0012 24x1300-12 26.5x14.00-12 265140012 26.514.0012 265x1400-12