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Product Description

Go Where you Want with the Carlisle AT489 All Terrain Tire

Thinking about hitting some new terrains this weekend, but need an all terrain tire that can handle the job? Check this out!

The Carlisle AT 489 is an aggressive, gripping ATV tire for use in sand, mud and other off road vehicle use. The Carlisle AT489 has lots of deep cleats for unbeatable traction. The durable 3 ply casing (which comes in most size) gives this all terrain tire added resistance against punctures and bruises.The AT489 is an ideal off-road tire for your quad, ATV, or side by side, and is a popular tire for many ATV such as Arctic Cat, Yamaha Rhino, Honda, Kawasaki, Kubota and other all terrain offroad vehicles.

This tire is bias-ply, tubeless and is not approved for highway use despite the 50 mph rating.

The Carlisle AT489 is rated up to 50 mph

The Carlisle 489 AT tire is available in 24 sizes and has a speed rating up to 50 mph.

Carlisle Dependability, Durability, and Uniqueness

Carlisle is a strong American company that is the largest producer of specialty tires in the USA. Most of their products are also produced in the USA, making them a great domestic choice. Simple put, Carlisle means quality. You can’t go wrong when you choose a Carlisle tire for your ATV, UTV, or Side-x-Side!

Wheel not included

Sizes available: ATV/UTV & Side X Side Tires ATV/UTV & Side X Side Tire Carlisle 22x10.00-10 22100010 2210.0010 22x1000-10 22x10.00-12 22100012 2210.0012 22x1000-12 22x11.00-10 22110010 2211.0010 22x1100-10 22x7.00-12 2270012 227.0012 22x700-12 23x7.00-10 2370010 237.0010 23x700-10 23x8.00-10 2380010 238.0010 23x800-10 23x10.00-10 23100010 2310.0010 23x1000-10 23x8.00-11 2380011 238.0011 23x800-11 23x8.00-12 2380012 238.0012 23x800-12 23x10.00-12 23100012 2310.0012 23x1000-12 24x11.00-10 24110010 2411.0010 24x1100-10 24x8.00-11 2480011 248.0011 24x800-11 24x9.00-11 2490011 249.0011 24x900-11 24x10.00-11 24100011 2410.0011 24x1000-11 24x8.00-12 2480012 248.0012 24x800-12 24x9.00-12 2490012 249.0012 24x900-12 24x11.00-12 24110012 2411.0012 24x1100-12 25x11.00-10 25110010 2511.0010 25x1100-10 25x8.00-12 2580012 258.0012 25x800-12 25x10.00-12 25100012 2510.0012 25x1000-12 25x11.00-12 25110012 2511.0012 25x1100-12