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Product Description

Industrial Performance Indoors and Out with the Carlisle Industrial Trax Utility Tire

The Industrial Trax tire's non-directional rib tread is perfectly suited for heavy-duty use, whether moving forwards or backwards. This is the tire to choose if your needs demand a tire that can take a beating and keep on rolling!

Show Your Utility Vehicles Carlisle Tire Strength

Carlisle's Industrial Trax Utility Tire is designed for hard surfaces such as warehouse floors, parking lots, arenas, or airports. This is an excellent choice for work-duty golf carts, utility carts, snack and concession carts, and other utility vehicles; whether they're in use outdoors or indoors the Industrial Trax tire can keep them moving.

Sizes available: 20x10.00-10, 23x10.50-12, 25x8.50-12, 25x810.50-12