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Carlstar Black Rock M/S Tires

Versatile Bias Ply Tire for Utility Vehicles in Soft to Intermediate, Muddy Terrain.


  • Rounded shoulder with overlapping lugs
  • Massive 1.2" tread depth
  • Solid lugs
  • Karambit style knife shape lug
  • Mud spikes
  • V-Shaped dimples
  • Durable, 6-ply rated carcass


  • Allows for an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride
  • Provides extreme mud traction
  • Reduces uneven wear
  • One side has a smooth channel for self-cleaning while the opposite serrated side breaks mud and reduces hydroplaning
  • Break the suction often associated with deep, soupy mud
  • Evacuate mud and provide bite needed to maintain forward motion
  • Provides unequalled puncture resistance


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