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Galaxy Garden Pro/garden PRO XTD R-3+ Tires

Agricultural Lawn & Garden Radial R-3+ tire Developed Specifically for Small Tractors used in Gardening, Orchards and Vineyards. "XTD" Designation stands for "Extra Tread Depth".


  • In addition to added tread depth, XTD sizes feature a new, high-density compound and refinements in the innovative tread block pattern - allowing for use in all seasons in multiple applications
  • Features nearly 50 per cent greater tread than typical R-3 tires
  • Solid-to-void tread ratio of 49:51 per cent - substantially more than typical R-1 or R-4 tires
  • Designed to be used on hard surfaces (arterial roads)
  • With sizes for 12-to-24-inch rims—including new 17.5 and 19.5-inch sizes


  • Provide a bigger footprint, better traction, more flotation, greater fuel economy nad a softer ride
  • Aids in movement from one place to another or transporting produce and material
  • Covers the entire spectrum of tire sizes for garden tractors
  • Provides complete range of rear and front tires


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