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ITP MUD Lite XTR Tires

Extreme Terrain Radial Utility ATV tire Best Used for All Terrain, Intermediate Surfaces, Mud, Rocks/Ruts, Snow and Soft Surfaces.


  • Low profile sidewall
  • Super-aggressive tread design with 1 1/8 inch deep, angled, grooved lugs
  • Long wearing tread compound
  • Two diameters provide for the ability to tailor a tire choice to your specific riding requirements
  • Made in the USA


  • Offers reduced flex and predictable handling during aggressive driving
  • Provides an exceptional level of traction
  • 12 inch option is ideal for muddy conditions, offering better flex and more flotation
  • 14 inch is an excellent all-round trail/mud choice, with lower profile for reduced flex and an improvement in handling and rider confidence


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