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Trelleborg Th400 Tires

Radial Tire Designed for Telescopic Handlers, Backhoes and Compact Loaders.


  • Advanced radial carcass along with reinforced structure
  • Engineered and designed tread pattern
  • Unique Trelleborg design at the base of the lug
  • Excels in rolling resistance performance
  • Shoulder and lug shape


  • Ensure maximum machine stability even on tough slopes, permitting great manoeuvrability and comfort
  • Maximize abrasion and wear resistance, boosting the overall strength and mileage of the tire, even on the toughest soils whilst handling heavy loads
  • Enhances the self-cleaning performance of the tire
  • Low fuel consumption and emissions, increasing your profitability while respecting the environment
  • Lead to high traction capacity during farming applications, even on muddy and soft soils


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