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Trelleborg Tm3000 Tires

Radial Agricultural tire Designed Utilizing Blue Tire Technology for Harvesters and Combine Machines.


  • New tread pattern along with advanced carcass design
  • Matching sustainable and precision farming approaches
  • Sharp inclination of the lug
  • Inter-lug terracing at the base of the lug
  • Increased lug base diameter
  • Rounded shoulder profile
  • Rounded lug base


  • Maximize the load capacity of the tire at low inflation pressure, preserving the soil and the environment
  • The right choice to boost harvesting productivity
  • Provide excellent stability on slopes
  • Maximise the self-cleaning capability of the tire
  • Improve manoeuvrability and reduce stress in the shoulder area
  • Prevent stubble damage, resulting in high durability
  • Support the tire during combine steering


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